USS Sagan


Welcome to the USS Sagan!

After the close of the Dominion war, a narrow stretch of space filled with resource-rich worlds was ceded to the Romulan Empire as war reparations. Historically this has done nothing but anger the Cardassians, even in their post-war weakened state.

Now, with the Dominion War long in the past, the Cardassians have once again been bandying for their space with every method at their disposal.

The USS Sagan is a small Nova class science vessel assigned to begin scouting this area of space, known as the "Gavarian Corridor." It is the last ship that one would expect to find there.

The small, tightly-knit crew must traverse the Corridor, scouting as they go, and doing whatever they can to prevent an all out war breaking out between the Romulans and Cardassians.