USS Sagan


Welcome to the USS Sagan!

Starfleet's primary purpose has always been exploration. There are untold wonders out in the universe just waiting to be understood by the Federation, and science ships like the Sagan make that possible. The Sagan is one of Starfleet's numerous Nova-class surveyors. While the big frontline explorers like the Galaxy-class are meant to explore far beyond Federation space, surveyors are designed to follow in their bigger cousins' wakes and carry crews of scientists for long-term research projects and cataloging missions. With a crew of just 80, this ship is small but smart, with a tightly-knit crew of scientists eager to see what's out there.

As a roleplaying group within Bravo Fleet, the Sagan consists of several members who each control the actions of one or more characters. Together, the members write out the actions of their characters during the adventures of the Sagan, based on a premise set by the group manager, who is akin to a dungeon master in a table-top game. Whether you're an old hand at this hobby or just love Star Trek, we'd love to have you join us, so peruse the site, check out our writing, and consider sending in an application!